Between Horizons

BETWEEN HORIZONS is a new collaborative piece from an international team of artists working in our current epoch. Creating a space of visual and physical navigation, this performance invites the audience to filter through visions of how our lives are shaped by circumstance, privilege, and transformation.


INDLULAMTHI is the isiXhosa word for a giraffe but, in direct translation, it also means ‘the ones who are taller than the trees’. I would like to use this image to celebrate the children of Grahamstown – The ones whom we see the streets every time we go to buy our tickets for shows; the ones we pass by on our way to our warm res beds, who stand in the biting cold to get a bit of our attention for a one rand coin.

Director and performer: Chuma Sopotela (SA)


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put your heart under your feet… and walk / To Elu is Steven Cohen’s intense meditation on loss, grief and absence, following the death of Elu, his partner and artistic collaborator.

The Mothertongue Project’s WALK is a South African response focused on the gang-rape and murder of South African teenager Anene Booysen.