Black Privilege – 2018 Featured Artist Mamela Nyamza

Black Privilege, a brand-new work by 2018 Featured Artist Mamela Nyamza, premiered at the 2018 National Arts Festival.

Phuma Langa – 2018 Featured Artist Mamela Nyamza

Concept, Design, Choreographer & Director: Mamela Nyamza, 2018 Featured Artist

PHUMA-LANGA is a call for a renewed social cohesion through artistic meaningful themes, mostly derived from the Ndebele culture, but also running across all the experiences derived from the history of South Africa.

Hatched – 2018 Featured Artist Mamela Nyamza

Choreographer: Mamela Nyamza | Featured Artists: Mamela Nyamza, Amkele Mandla | Company: Mamela Nyamza

This year’s Featured Artist Mamela Nyamza reflects on her life as a mother and as an artist in her work HATCHED, an autobiographical work that seeks to convey the deeply personal and challenging issues of culture, tradition and a woman’s evolving sexuality within the customary rites and rituals of marriage. It grapples with questions of identity, highlighted by the dualities of her life – a mother and a performer; a South African and a dancer. All photos: Jan Potgieter


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Trailblazing dancer and choreographer Mamela Nyamza is this year’s Featured Artist, recognising her contribution to the South African cultural narrative. She has been invited to bring multiple works to the Festival.