Voyager – Enra

<An Odyssey of Our Existence in 90 Minutes> In the chaos of a universe born from the big bang, a planet took form. This planet became like a mother to all manner of life that teemed and thrived on her surface. On this world humanity came into being, eventually stood on two legs, fashioned wings out of longing for the sky, and went on to depart the land of its birth, setting out for the vast reaches of space. This is the journey of life as we know it. <Introduction> Representing a new artistic challenge for enra, VOYAGER is a concept show in which each piece is interconnected. Enra’s productions up to this point have been presented in an omnibus-style arrangement of different pieces, but from its very first stages of planning VOYAGER has been composed as a cohesive production with minute attention to the details of each aspect of its interpretation. As the title VOYAGER suggests, the story is a journey into the limitless reaches of space, a theme to which enra only alluded in the last production PROXIMA but now endeavors to realize more beautifully and expressively than ever before.